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Funded Program for those moving

From Unemployed to Self-Employed.

What We Offer

Changing Your Life Pty Ltd has developed the tools to inspire and encourage participants to be creative and move from Unemployed / Under-employed and Casual Worker to Self-Employed. Our carefully developed programs are aimed at improving lives, inspire financial freedom by creating a large pool of talented people who are more self-sufficient, employable and flexible without compromising on the skills and talents that they have, giving them a more stable and secure way of life.


Our team works closely with our participants through a series of workshops, mentoring and online tools to develop their business, turning passions and talent into meaningful employment and creating positive and obtainable goals.

All of our programs use our unique Five E’s Ethos.

  • Education

  • Empowerment

  • Entrepreneur

  • Encouraging a behavioral shift

  • Encouraging Engagement


Participants will:

  • Develop and validate their ideas

  • Be given the tools and support to transform their ideas into a viable business

  • Given practical activities that will drive thinking and uncover ways to move the ideas into the market place faster

  • Interactive discussions

  • Be provided with Mentoring after the workshop


Simply put ……….. We inspire and encourage “THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX”.


Delivery model:
• Face-to-Face workshop
• On-line learning tools
• Mentoring sessions (face-to-face / phone)



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