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                      Caroline: "I have a great sense of confidence to move forward in my business.

                                         A sense of definitely feeling supported and the confidence that I am getting some help."



                       Elaine: "I have a lot more confidence now. I will be able to create a business that will give me a better

                                    life style and more options in my life."


                       Gary: "I have been able to clarify and come up with some clear goals and clear actions to go away

                                    and start straight away."





                      Keith: "Positive reinforcement to move forward and stop playing on the negativity of the business world.

                                  That's it - Simple!"






                      Sarah: "I learnt a lot about developing ideas for business. I’ve now got confidence in the ideas I had.

                                     I have gained the confidence to step out and go for it!"


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