• Joanne

Changing Your Life Event

Incredible day with our wonderful participants on the Changing Your Life program. The feedback was amazing. Here is what they had to say when asked what they got out of the day:

Caroline: I have a great sense of confidence of moving forward in my business. A sense of definitely feeling supported and the confidence that I am getting some help.

Elaine: I have a lot more confidence now. I will be able to create a business that will give me a better life style and more options in my life.

Keith: Positive reinforcement to move forward and stop playing on the negativity of the business world. That's it - Simple!

Sarah: I learnt a lot about developing ideas for business. I’ve now got confidence in the ideas I had. I have gained the confidence to step out and go for it!

Gary: I have been able to clarify and come up with some clear goals and clear actions to go away and start straight away.

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