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Think Different - Make Money

Owning your own business is often an uphill battle. We constantly access what we have done and where we want to go. Often our thoughts leads to "What If I could" or  "I really should be doing this".


Think Different - Make Money is a program for those who may already have employment and what to take their business idea to market or those already in business but are struggling to get the business off the ground or move to the next level.



With more that 30 years of business knowledge, from building our own businesses (not just from a text book) we know the pitfalls and how to build a thriving business.

Our program takes you through step by step, how to build a successful business from the ground up. We have developed the tools to put you on the path of success and help you achieve your goals.


Participants will:

  • Develop and validate their ideas

  • Be given the tools and support to transform their ideas into a viable business

  • Given practical activities that will drive thinking and uncover ways to move the ideas into the market place faster

  • Interactive discussions both in the workshop and part of an on-line interactive forum

  • Be provided with Mentoring

We listen!