About Us

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Created by Joanne Kennard, Changing Your Life's aim is to positively impact the lives of those in our community by delivering a series of workshops, mentoring sessions and on-line forums.

Doing something you love everyday, with the bonus of making money, is a passion for Joanne Kennard. She has worked and traveled around the world and has some pretty horrible jobs, worked in some very dodgy environments and has had the carpet literally "pulled from under her feel" by some business collaborators. So she has a bit of experience when it comes to the do's and don'ts in business.


Joane is an inventor (EasyOven), author, public speaker and currently owns 4 businesses. She is full of energy and is happy to share her extensive knowledge.


The programs we have created:  Unemployed / Under-employed and Casual Worker to Self-Employed and Think Different - Make Money for business owners, help those wanting to Change Their Lives.