Our company, Changing Your Life Pty Ltd, is a Social Enterprise, positively impacts the lives of those in our community by delivering a series of workshops, mentoring sessions and on-line forums to create the ways and means to move from Unemployed / Under-employed and Casual Worker to Self-Employed.

Changing Your Life Pty Ltd has developed the tools to inspire and encourage participants to be creative and move from Unemployed / Under-employed and Casual Worker to Self-Employed. Our carefully developed programs are aimed at improving lives, inspire financial freedom by creating a large pool of talented people who are more self-sufficient, employable and flexible without compromising on the skills and talents that they have, giving them a more stable and secure way of life.


Joanne Kennard and Valerie Pearson met through a mutual interest in sustainable living, travel, living in small country towns and a longing to live a self-sufficient life whilst creating a business that gave them financial freedom.


They use over 60 years of combined knowledge and skills, to deliver this program. They are uniquely qualified, as both founders have owned, developed, and grown several successful businesses between them, supplying both national and international markets with products and services.

We provide the motivation and opportunity to create sustainable patterns of living, centered around communities.

Let us help you on your new journey!

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